About Us

Veronica Smith

Administrative Assistant

Sara (Veronica) was hired to provide part time administrative assistance. However, her quick growth and learning capabilities through the years has allowed her to do so much more.  She provides a delightful care to managing the front office desk, always ready with a smile and a can-do attitude.  She keeps our files in order, insures prompt responses to inquiries and makes sure all the bills are paid on time. For visitors, she will take care to provide you with refreshments at your meeting and always keeps the candy dish full at the office entry.  For the team, she makes sure we have everything we need to be happy and productive throughout the workday, insuring payroll is accurate and on time, keeping office supplies & snacks in stock and planning fun days, meetings and lunches to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  Outside of work, Sara is a seasoned world traveler, an avid cyclist, an amateur bike mechanic, and a student studying toward a BS in Biological Psychology.