About Us

Steve Oglesbee

Lead Carpenter

Steve graduated from Ohio State with a BS in Turf Management and a minor in Agribusiness and spent his early career working in the golf industry as a superintendent.  Over the years, he discovered a passion for woodworking that eventually led to a career shift into the construction industry.  Steve originally joined Morse as a carpenter apprentice but his management skills and aptitude in construction quickly led him to a lead position on the team.  He now brings a calm order to each project he takes on, creating a low stress, high quality experience for our clients.  Despite his meteoric growth here at Morse, Steve retains a humble and gracious demeanor, always jumping in to perform even the most menial task to help out a teammate.  In his free time, Steve continues to practice the art of woodworking, crafting furniture and other items out of reclaimed wood.  He also is a regular at horse shows around the region, supporting his wife, a local vet surgery resident, in her passion.