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Digital Design: From 2D to 3D

Embarking on a home remodeling project can be a daunting task. There are many decisions to be made pertaining to layout, products and finishes. During our custom design build process, these decisions are ultimately approved by the client. The task is much easier when you are able to see what you will be purchasing. For example, when buying a new car, you have the ability to test drive the vehicle, check out its interior details, and see what options are available for upgrade or finish. The experience can be similar with remodeling your home when you are able to see all of your products and finishes in a realistic, 3-dimensional design software program.

Having the ability to review different textures and colors during the design process assists our designers and clients to make decisions that work well with their project objectives.

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling uses Chief Architect to plan, layout, and detail its construction doucments for every project. The software allows our clients to see their design as if they were walking through the finished renovation. As a designer, it is also important to use this tool to make sure that the layout and finishes work well and meet the projects objectives. As a client, it is imperative that you understand what your newly remodeled space will look like.

A digital design image of a new MCH&R custom home transposed into the building site photo shows what the home will look like in its true setting. The photo on the right (or bottom) is the finished custom home.

We have worked with some clients that would like to visualize different types of finishes, how a vaulted ceiling might change the appearance of a space, or how a room may change with adding built-in cabinetry. These tasks are simple to perform using 3-dimensional software programs. Additionally, changing the wall colors or counter top finishes can be performed and viewed within a matter of minutes during a design review.

Having the ability to see the selected finishes working together during the initial design phase builds confidence that our clients have made the proper decisions for their particular project.

The design-build industry has gone digital since we first opened our doors 25 years ago. Having the ability to digitally walk through new spaces before a renovation has commenced, increases our client’s confidence that they will be happy with the end result. Design, build, and most of all, ENJOY!


Before and After: Master Bath

Before: This builder series master bathroom was dated and included a tub that was rarely used. The clients wished to use the space differently and open the bathroom up to make a larger shower and increase the vanity space.

After: The tub was removed and the shower was enlarged. The window was replaced with a colored stained-glass piece of art. A new multi-leveled vanity created a sit down vanity location with a water resembled glass-tiled wall backdrop. The frameless glass shower enclosure provides unobstructed views of the glass tile highlights uniting the shower with the backsplash. Tiled-framed mirrors and custom-built cabinetry with metal inset frames round out the upgraded master bath.


Employee Highlight: Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland, Senior Lead Carpenter

Mark relocated to Davis from southern California to study at UC Davis. After graduating with his Fine Arts Degree, he continued working in the construction field refining his mastery of carpentry and related trades.

Mark honing in his carpentry skills.

Mark joined Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling in 2004 as a lead carpenter. Because of his broad skillset and knowledge, Mark is able to manage a variety of skilled tasks on the job site helping to keep jobs running smoothly and maintaining a stress-free environment. Always focused on developing professionally, Mark studied for and earned his Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler certificate through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Mark, Nicole, and daughter, December (6).

In 2011 Mark took a two-year leave of absence to accompany his partner to Washington DC for her fellowship. During his stay in DC, Mark worked in the remodeling industry continuing to hone his carpentry and management skills, while achieving the level of Master Plumber.

Outside of work, Mark loves spending time with his ebullient daughter. He also enjoys riding his bike and updating his home in Land Park. His favorite local place to visit is Gold Bluffs Beach on the Northern California coast. Mark loves cheese and his favorite color is RED!


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