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Before, During, and After - The Foyer Screen

Before: The existing foyer functioned as a theatrical stage as people entered the home. There was no defined space or privacy for the occupants of the living room. The foyer was home to the front door, stairwell landing, coat closet, an awkward island, and multiple steps down to the sunken living room.

During: All of the existing finishes were removed. The unique spiral staircase was preserved and protected from potential damage. The island cabinet was removed. The original front doors were replaced with new doors.

After 1: We designed a new foyer screen with a finish that coordinated with the spiral staircase. The new vertical screen created an interesting focal backdrop to the sunken living room. The steps to the sunken living room were condensed to one location at the left of the new foyer screen.

After 2: 1x6 wood panels were installed at a 45-degree angle to create a sense of space at the foyer, yet allow light and air to flow freely between the spaces. The pedestal base also functioned as a drawer storage space for the living room.


Product Highlight: Wallpaper

By Marty Morse

Our design team has been busy coming up with some fun and interesting designs throughout the last year. We have seen an increase with clients choosing to use wallpaper as a finish in a few of our projects we have designed and built. Wallpaper can provide an interesting faux finish of real materials such as stone, brick, or tile for the fraction of the cost to install those materials.

Power10 and Thrive in Davis recently updated their lobby and restrooms with faux brick wallpaper. The brick in the pattern has a subtle 3-dimensional appearance and resembles a real brick veneer installation very well.

Floral prints work well for the proper interior décor we are specifying. These two separate project photos show how wallpaper blends as an accent with decorative wood trim and wainscot details on the wall.

Wallpaper can also blend well with the popular mid-century modern décor. Geometric shapes, cloth textures, and unique colors are readily available for all types of interior design styles.

Stacked stone wallpaper resembles the real thing. Geometric pattern shapes blend well with all types of finishes.

If you are planning to update a room in your home, consider adding wallpaper to the finish schedule. You can add a lot of pop to a space without adding a lot of cost. Design, Build & Enjoy!


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