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Custom Tile & Stone Design

Custom designed tiles and carefully selected stone provides a sense of personality and uniqueness to any project design. This MCH&R project entailed the services of an artist who specializes in crafting inlaid ceramic tile.

The fine craftsmanship vendor provides custom tile finishes, ranging from colorfully designed hand glazed tiles to abalone inlaid accents, emulating a wide variety of images.

Our client’s design objective for this project was to emphasize the natural environment. The hall bathroom included sea life abalone inlays of a starfish, dolphin, sunfish, sea horse, and a sea shell.

The master bathroom included a natural pebble stone banding in the shower.

A Jurassic Green Metaconglomerate slab stone was used for the bathroom countertop. These slabs include large pebbles and larger clasts in a matrix of sand, silt, and sometimes clay.

The natural slabs sometimes reveal fossilized prehistoric sea life and/or petrified vertebrates. Design, Build and customize your bathroom to reflect your personal lifestyle.


Employee Spotlight:

Debra Simons, Sales Coordinator

Debra is the first point of contact in the sales process at Morse Custom Homes & Remodeling.

She works with interested clients to discuss the design-build process and analyze their remodeling needs. She joined our team in 2018 bringing with her a strong background in the real estate industry, including experience working with designers and trades in residential and commercial construction projects. Her experience runs the spectrum from sales and finance, to practical design layout and job site management.

When Debra is not busy cultivating new design-build projects at Morse, her passion is hiking the Sierra Nevada mountains and spending time with her friends and family.

Debra with her German Shepherd Husky, “Bella”.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job… “Being the first point of contact for potential clients and assisting them in reaching their residential home improvement objectives. I like to assist our clients in making their home the place they want to be, and helping them achieve their residential goals.”

Understanding interior design and finishes, Deb will steer potential clients to websites like where they can seek out inspiration to reflect their design objectives and bring ideas to their initial consultations.

If you are interested in taking the first steps to your home improvement needs, give us a call and Debra would be more than happy to get you headed in the right direction.

Call our office 530-758-5321 or visit our website at


Before & After

The Historical Sorority House Renovation

This UC Davis sorority house received some major improvements during the Shelter-in-Place orders in 2020. Keep scrolling to get a summary of the before, during, and after photographs.

BEFORE: KITCHEN The house is registered as an historical house and required some special attention due to the designation. The entire house sewer system and water system was completely refurbished and the electrical was updated.




BEFORE: SHARED BATHROOM VANITY The original shared bathroom area was too small and very outdated for the number of occupants. A reconfiguration of the area allowed for a fresh new layout with additional and improved storage.








New paint, flooring, and lighting throughout gave this historical home a new generation of livability


Design, Build, and Update!

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