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Outdoor Cooking Time!

A Before and After Photo Analysis

This custom design build outdoor kitchen project entailed improving the existing backyard BBQ area and resolving issues of the south-facing patio door with no weather protection.

BEFORE: The original gas grill was fully exposed to the elements. The only shade in this area was the portable umbrella. The existing BBQ grill area lacked any storage or counter prep area.

DURING: We matched the house stucco finish to create an original, built-in look. Electrical outlets were added to allow for additional appliance use.

AFTER: The new built-in gas grill, cooktop, and storage areas were protected by a standing seam metal roof structure attached to the house. Counter space provided ample room for food prep.

BEFORE: The original design and access to the backyard were poorly designed. The southern exposure created excessive heat/solar radiation from the concrete and stucco wall. Access to the backyard during rainstorms was difficult as wind-driven rain would enter directly into the home.

DURING: Noncombustible and rot-free metal stud framing at the built-in kitchen area supported the finished stucco and stone counter top. We utilized one bay of the roof framing to install downlighting for the counter and BBQ.

DURING: Pressure-treated posts were installed on structural concrete footings to support the roof loads. Careful cutting of the concrete patio deck allowed for minimal repair work and maintained the integrity of the existing stamped concrete.

AFTER: The shed roof provided necessary protection from the elements. The shade structure protects the appliances and keeps them cool to touch during the summer months. Design, Build, and BBQ!


Morse Team Building

Creating Window Planters at our Design Center

Our office in Davis has windows viewing a walkway and another office building’s exterior wall. Our team wished to beautify the views out of the office windows, so we designed and created a few gardens out of metal troughs to transform the space from a concrete walkway into a small, pollinator-friendly oasis.

One of our carpenters, Chris, filled the troughs with soil and hooked up the planters to a drip irrigation system.

We’ve already seen plenty of happy bees and hummingbirds passing through to pollinate the garden!

Adding some green beyond the window puts a smile on Diane’s face…. At least we think that’s a smile.

Design, Build, and Enjoy!


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