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The All-Season Patio

Project Spotlight: This outdoor living project included the removal of an existing trellis structure to create an all-season covered patio environment.

Client Objective: Create an outdoor living space that required minimal maintenance and could be used throughout the entire year, rain or shine. Include a TV, gas fireplace, functional lighting, and watershed roof. Blend with the existing architectural elements.

Before Condition: The existing open beam trellis included a very healthy Wisteria vine that dropped leaves, flowers, and seeds during various seasons. The patio was being taken over by the vine.

Structural Integrity: Our designers and partnered structural engineers developed comprehensive plans to recycle most of the original trellis beams. New footings were added to take the additional roof loads. The concrete patio deck was salvaged and expanded for a new finish at completion.

Architectural Details: Our designers developed details to mimic the arch over the existing patio windows. Additionally, the trellis beams were extended past the wall to give the new roof an overhang and provide a facia for the gutters.

Heat and Entertainment: The back corner of the patio was developed as a focal point for the TV and gas fireplace.

Stucco Details: Custom designed and hand painted ceramic tiles were created and installed during the stucco finishing.

Project Solution: Low maintenance, water proof roof, functional lighting with warmth and entertainment. A fantastic finish to this custom design build project.

Design, Build, and Enjoy the Spring!


Employee Spotlight: Employee Spotlight: Mark Sutherland

Mark joined Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling in 2004 after graduating from UC Davis with a Fine Arts degree.

He has earned his Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler certificate and the level of Master Plumber, while honing a wide variety of other construction skills as well as increasing his managerial work. Because of his broad knowledge of residential construction, Mark is able to manage a variety of tasks and trades on the job site, helping to keep our projects running smoothly and maintaining a stress-free environment.

Left to Right: Andrew, Ron, and Production Manager Mark Sutherland coordinate the next steps at a recent construction project site.


Spring Home Maintenance

It’s that time of year again. The home has endured a winter season and it is a good idea to perform some standard inspections as the days get longer and the temperature gets warmer. Paint and Caulking: Inspect the exterior paint on your home for signs of aging. It is wise to repaint your exterior before the paint shows signs of cracking and/or delamination.

This window trim paint is beginning to fail and is showing signs of water intrusion and rot. Wood substrates can expand and contract much more than stucco or cement fiber board. If you have a wood exterior, trim and siding can quickly turn into dry rot and require replacement prior to repainting your home. Also inspect caulking at trim, doors, and windows for signs of degradation.

Gutters and Drains: A quick inspection from the roof perspective can assist in determining any issues or clogs near the downspouts of your gutters.

Leaf and dust runoff from a roof can create a muddy mess and cause downspout blockages. Also inspect the integrity of any wall to roof flashing for breaks or unsealed connections. Also, be sure that all water runoff is away from the house foundation. Downspouts that flow into soil near the foundation can cause soil erosion and lead to foundation movement that may have adverse effects on the structural integrity of your home.

Windows and Doors: Inspect your windows for proper operation. Many windows, and sliding glass doors have weeps in their operable tracks that require routine maintenance.

The rectangular hole is the weep drain for this sliding glass door track.

In some cases, sliding glass doors can get inundated with large amounts of water from wind driven rain. Dust and dirt in the tracks of the frame can block the weeps from draining properly. This may cause water to spill over the threshold into the home and damage the flooring and/or subfloor. A quick clean and inspection can help prevent water damage issues from occurring.



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