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What Can I Expect During a Home Remodeling Project?

As the owner of a remodeling company, I am frequently asked, “What can I expect during my home renovation project?” This is a very broad question and the answer will vary depending on the scope of the project. However, there are four critical criteria that should be discussed and clarified between client and contractor prior to commencing work, regardless of the type of project. By addressing these items with the contractor, a homeowner should have a better experience overall during their remodel.



By the time the project starts, there should be a foundation of trust between the company and the client. Hopefully the client has done their homework and knows that they have engaged a team with the professional skills to deliver the scope of work that was agreed upon in the contract. If the foundation of trust is lagging, there could be numerous obstacles during the project as the homeowner will need to repeatedly review whether the contractor is trustworthy and competent. Establishing trust as the first element in the relationship will allow the homeowner to enjoy the process and the remodeler to move through the completion of the project with more efficiency.



Remodeling a home is daunting for most homeowners not only because it restricts the full utility of the home, but also because during the course of a project dozens of tradespeople will require access to their home. These two elements can make a remodeling project feel like a home invasion if access is not effectively controlled by the remodeler. For a successful project, the homeowner and contractor need to have excellent communication around access. First, the homeowner needs to be willing to accept access into their home during reasonable hours for the contractors and tradespeople to perform the work. And second, the contractor should communicate regularly with the homeowner about the work schedule and what to expect each day. With a clear understanding of the schedule, homeowners can relax and reclaim the privacy of their home during times when no work is scheduled.

Almost Done!


When it comes to remodeling, dust happens, even with proper dust protection in place. The best way to protect personal property from dust during a project is to come to terms with the fact that dust will probably find its way outside of the construction zone. Rather than dusting at the end of each workday, it is highly recommended that personal belongings that might be negatively impacted by dust are packed away until the project is complete. This minimal preparation to the remodel reduces stress dramatically during the project.


Quality remodeling companies typically have very good timelines and project management systems in place. However, there are often issues that come up that are beyond the control of the management team. Issues such as weather, products arriving defective, illness, a change in scope due to unforeseen issues, or trades availability can cause unexpected delays. Good remodeling companies take these possibilities into account when planning the overall timeline of the project and provide clear communication to the homeowner should any issues come up that could delay the project. A practical timeline for the project allows the homeowner to make realistic plans for when they will be enjoying their newly remodeled space. Design, Build, and most importantly, ENJOY!

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