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Morse Gives Back: Mentoring the Next Generation

DaVinci student Jenna is learning carpentry skills through the Freight Harbor Fellowship program under the guidance of Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling.

Big Picture Learning, with support from Harbor Freight Tools for Schools, is designing a new form of apprenticeship for youths who show significant potential in new and traditional trades and crafts. These young people are a talent pool of future trades-and crafts-persons who would flourish in apprenticeships that provide deep and sustained relationships with expert mentors focused on their interests and talents. The Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative provides these students with customized programs of learning and work that include pathways to post-secondary learning.

Jenna applies skills she learned on the job at a recent Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling project.

Susan Kirby, Internship Specialist at DaVinci High School, has worked for the past year with Big Picture Learning as the DJUSD advisor who supports students at all four Davis high schools in the Harbor Freight Fellowship program. This collaborative effort has aligned nearly 25 Davis students with trained mentors in specific crafts that the student has expressed interest in learning. The outcome is an amazing experience for both the students and the mentors.

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling has provided this opportunity to the youth of our community. Morse Carpenter Chris Torres was recently paired with Jenna, a Junior student at DaVinci High School in Davis. Jenna has shown a keen interest in carpentry and applied for the Harbor Freight Fellowship with the assistance of Susan Kirby. The initiative is available to youth currently enrolled in high school, community colleges, or who are not in school but could benefit from a bridging opportunity to the professional world.

Morse Carpenter Chris Torres oversees and trains student intern Jenna at a Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling project.

Two levels of Fellowship are available: "Fellowships" and "Junior Fellowships". Fellowships are for older students for whom a trade is already their chosen career path. Junior Fellowships are for younger students who have a passion for working with their hands and want to learn more about the trades.

For additional details about this initiative, or if you would like your school or organization to participate, please contact Charlie Plant, Program Director at (401) 741-8954 or


Before (during demolition) and After: Covered Patio Project

BEFORE: The existing north facing trellis provided descent shade but did not allow for patio use during the rainy season. The built-in water feature closed off the circulation patterns to the backyard pool and created an obstruction for seating arrangements. The swinging French doors were narrow and obstructed the vistas to the backyard.

DURING: Preparation for constructing new roof structure and framing for new sliding glass doors.

AFTER: A new gas fireplace, double sliding glass doors, slate tile floor, waterproof roof, and a retractable roll down screen create a year-round usable and flexible patio space with unobstructed views from the interior.


Product Highlight: Luxury Vinyl Tile/Planks

By Marty Morse

Luxury Vinyl Tile/Planks have hit the market in full swing over the last few years. LVT/P emerged from VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) by adding a top layer of protection and appearance. The extra protection is usually a heavy film covered with a UV-cured urethane that makes it scuff, stain, and scratch resistant. It also provides a realistic image of stone or ceramics for the “LV Tile” and wood for the “LV Plank”.

This Luxury Vinyl Plank installation in a Morse CH&R project resembles a dark walnut/oak appearance and is installed adjacent to a curb-less shower.

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling has been incorporating LVT/P flooring products into its project designs since our first install of this type floor in 2016. It works well in bathrooms and kitchens due to its waterproof composition that will not break down or react to moisture.

Luxury Vinyl Planks were used in this project as the great room and entry floor plank, as well as the treads for the stairs.

The price point for LVT/P is a good value when compared to real ceramic tile or wood installations. The scuff and scratch resistance make the product a great option when dealing with pets and/or children that could mar the appearance of real wood products. Design, build, and most of all Enjoy!

Design, Build, and Enjoy!


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