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Time of Thanks

The Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling team…Heading in new directions….

I was working in my front yard the other day as two ladies approached my home while walking their dogs on the sidewalk. Ironically, both were clients of Morse back in the day. We had a fun conversation and spoke about their projects. It was a wonderful reflection of time and change. The three of us were thankful for what we achieved back then. I was thankful we reminisced about their projects we did back in the early 90’s. What a cool interaction!

Taking time to reflect back on the people that have influenced where you are today is a powerful exercise. Reaching out to those individuals and letting them know can be gratifying. I am grateful for every single client that has conducted business with our team. We have danced the dance and have more than likely learned from each other. I hope we have positively influenced your path along the way. I know we have take-aways after each and every project completion.

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling just completed our 25th year of business. Our path has been fun and rewarding. We are extremely thankful for each and every client, friend, vendor, and trade partner that intersected us on our path. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with much joy and reflection!


Before and After:

Dining Room Renovation

Before: Interior planters in this dining room were not practical for homeowner. The room was expansive with only an 8 ft. ceiling. The original 60’s lighting and acoustical texture needed some TLC.


After: The ceiling was vaulted to an exposed beam at the ridge. New designer lighting and flooring was installed throughout. The planters were filled in and a new seating space was defined under the skylight. Design, Build, and Enjoy your Holiday!


Fireplace Design

This ET cabinet was designed by our team to conceal the TV when not in use.

Fireplace designs have evolved over the last few decades. With flat screen TV’s entering the market in the early 2000’s, many people have redefined their fireplace/ET center portion of their home. Integrating a TV monitor with a fireplace has been a popular request. This requires careful planning and design specifications in order to comply with combustible setbacks and making sure the monitor does not overheat.

Morse CH&R master suite TV, mantel, fireplace and hearth.

Having the TV next to the fireplace typically saves wall space and provides two focal points in one area. With today’s smart TV monitors, many clients elect to rotate family portraits or landscape scenes on the monitor as if it were a piece of art.

Three-sided fireplace design with integrated TV monitors on both sides serve the dining area and living room of this Morse Custom designed renovation.

The fireplace below was renovated by our team in order to create a unique sitting space for the client. The original layout put the fireplace in an awkward location with a window on one side. We gave the existing fireplace a facelift with a natural stone hearth and surround. A new floating, solid wood mantel was installed and updated lighting enhanced the unique beauty of the sitting area. Design, Build, and Enjoy!

Before: Asymmetrical with outdated surround

After: New stone, mantel, flooring, lighting, and left window

This MCH&R firepit was designed with a natural stone surround, poured in place concrete top, and glass fire rock. Integrated LED lighting was added to enhance the setting and match the pool lighting in the background.


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