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25 Year Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling Anniversary - “Secrets of Success”

Trust, Unity, and Togetherness…..There is no I in TEAM.

Reflecting back to the beginning of Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling has created a wave of multiple emotions that run through me. There have been so many awesome clients, projects, employees, experiences, and changes over the last 25 years. However, as I ponder these thoughts, I keep breaking down what our company does and how we do it into one word, TEAMWORK.

“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is overcome our need for invulnerability.” –Patrick Lencioni, American Business Author on Team Management in Business.

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling (MCHR) provides design build services to homeowners in Yolo, Solano, and Sacramento Counties. We staff a full-service design center in Davis which produces unique solutions to our client’s remodeling and new construction needs. The Design Build industry requires many different skillsets and comprehensive organization. I learned early that it was very difficult to master all the skills required from initial consultation to final job walk all on my own. In order to improve our services as a company, we needed to hire the right people to perform specific tasks and build our team.

I have always enjoyed being part of a team. I played tackle football for 12 years and finished that career at UC Davis. I was fortunate to be coached and mentored by NCAA Hall of Fame Coach, Jim Sochor. Through his leadership and teachings, I learned about TRUST, UNITY, and TOGETHERNESS. These three simple principles have been the cornerstone of the team culture at MCHR.

Trust. It’s a two-way street. Building a business with trust is a paramount principle to running a successful business. You need to trust those around you, as they need to trust you. Trusting your teammates will perform to the best of their abilities is very important. At MCHR, we trust our partners and co-workers will deliver what they say they will deliver, and will be honest when they need to give constructive feedback.

Unity. Similar to the distinctively different positions on a football team, unity brings together all the different skillsets of an organization to form a powerful unit as a whole. Working in unison, the team becomes stronger and more efficient as each member is working for an ultimate goal. In the case with Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling, the distinguished skillsets for each position on our team help to ultimately benefit our client experience and deliver successful design build construction projects.

Togetherness. Working together can be extremely rewarding. Taking on a large project can be a daunting task all by yourself. Working together on a team can be a powerful boost of energy, especially when you are able to contribute your precise skillset in order to benefit the team as a whole. Togetherness can lead to profound collaboration of suggestions and ideas. Working together has been an important aspect of the culture at MCHR.

Trust, Unity, and Togetherness. These are three important philosophies that MCHR has implemented over the last 25 years. Coach Sochor taught me one other important secret that MCHR has implemented and I’ll share with you. Create, analyze, and follow the PROCESS.

On behalf of our entire team, we would like to sincerely thank all of our past and present clients for entrusting our team to design and build their renovations, additions, and new homes over the last quarter century. We would also like to thank all of our past employees, vendors, and trade partners that have helped shaped the organization we are today. And lastly, I would like to thank all of my current teammates for making our company a joy to work for.

We are looking forward to the next 25 years of delivering successful client experiences and will work on improving those services along the way. Design, Build, and most of all, ENJOY!


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